Red Sox

Rockies, Indeed!

This is for you Brian.  What do you mean: congratulations that my team is going to the World Series again, but you’re rooting for the other guys cuz of their “story”?  Hunh? Are you just trying to tick me off—me, the least athletic and most unsuperstitious woman on God’s green Earth who sits around evenings (missing Jeopardy, I’ll have you know) in grubby red, white, and blue Boston-themed sweats because I’ll jinx the boys of summer if I wear something pink and girly?!  The noive…the audacity…  I got Muddy River water in my Beantown-born veins, for chrissake.  Some people!  And don’t even think about commenting on Steven Tyler’s lips at the top of my blog.  Some things are just sacred.


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