Boston culture, Entertainment

Jimmy Cracked Com(edy)

Now that I’ve publicly harassed my friend Brian over those beloved Red Sox, I feel a need to thank him for introducing me to Jimmy Tingle’s Off Broadway Theatre.  For years after he left us gradschool pals to head home to the mid-West, Brian came in for First Night.  Sure, I complained about being dragged out into the near-arctic climes on the Common to view ice sculptures that I could see perfectly well in the nice, warm glow of daylight; but I also saw a lot of cultural events and unique entertainment that never would have lured me without Brian’s prompts.  One year, he treated me to a Jimmy Tingle show in Davis Square, actually bribed me to get off the couch.  So with the closing of Tingle’s Theatre, I feel especially sad because to me it’ll always be Brian’s hang out.  Bravo, Brian!  Adieu, Jimmy!  Warmed by the heat of the Twilight Zone marathon, I’ll quaff champagne to the both of you this New Year’s Eve.


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