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May 2008

Anthology of Local Poets

There’s a new anthology of poets local to Greater Boston, and I’m in it.


Yeeeee-hawww!  30 Poems in 30 Days, signed, sealed, delivered!

29 Dr. Phil Says 

The fact that a man hops on anything 
breathing and drools on magazines’ 
models does not diminish his meaningful 
lust for you, 

……….. but blazing through an “erotic” 
poetry reading as yet another man feels 
the need to share his sex-with-nuns 
fantasy, I judge. 

Two guys outside the window—at street- 
level, above this bank vault turned 
bookstore—talk and jive around a smoke 
in that secret guy-club way, 

…………and all I can think of now is how 
the dark-haired man holds his cigarette, 
as if cupping the back of a woman’s head 
just enough to leave a memory.

(#30 was removed for publication)

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