Play-by-play of Bookmaking

I’ve just received the edited version of Part I of my book.  Man, I love feedback!  Word of advice to aspiring authors:  Never proof and edit your own work then hit Send.  Someone else needs to see it first!   Veeeer-y helpful.

I’m tapped out this week.  Good thing I don’t need too many brain cells for a party tonight.  I need a party!

Poetry Ain’t for Sissies!

Here I am at the library at 9:34 pm, finishing Draft 1 of my first book of poems.  I could be watching the Sox, but noooo.  Celtics?  Unh-unh.  Oh, wait, they’re losing by 18 points?!!  Okay, so I’ll just whine about how hungry I am instead of what I’m missing on TV.  But, seriously, I have got to get a boyfriend.