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Featured Reader Next Tuesday

Update: I read from the mss. of what would become volume 2 of my autobiographical poetry trilogy within a trilogy: What Good’s a View of the Charles…?  (ALL CAPS Publishing, 2013)


I will be reading as part of the feature next Tuesday in Cambridge from Bagels with the Bards No. 3.  This is my writing community’s anthology, and there will be approximately 25 of us 50 Bards, each reading his or her own poem and possibly that of a missing comrade in pens.  If our Saturday mornings together are any indication, it’ll be a blast!

“Following the reading you are invited to mingle with the Bards at a wine and cheese reception. (A donation of $3 is requested to help with the cost.) The reading is held in the living room in front of the Fireplace of Cambridge Co-Housing at 175 Richdale Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140.  CCH is 3 blocks from the Redline at Porter Square. A parking consideration was requested from the City of Cambridge from 6:30-10:30 pm permitting visitors may park in resident only permit spaces. Call Molly Lynn Watt, at 617-354-8242 or Jenise Aminoff, at 617-576-2994 for more information or check out the website at http://www.cambridgecohousing.org/fireside/index.html.”

—Molly Lynn Watt, Editor, Bagelbard anthologies


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