Social Commentary

Groups for a non-Groupie

It’s not easy for natural loners to congregate, but this week I found myself exceedingly comfortable in, even energized by, two writers’ groups. One is an older group into which I have dropped on occasion in the past.  I don’t get any significant publish-worthy work done there, but it is pleasant.  We sat sipping tea, and I just plain enjoyed the positive atmosphere.  It was okay to be ticked off and disappointed that the plummeting economy has cost me two second interviews just when I was seeing a light at the end of the dark financial tunnel that has become my traveling path since I quit teaching—has it really been?!—4 years ago.  One of the many reasons that I quit is that at 40 I was just plain too exhausted to work 40 hours per week as an office assistant in addition to working evenings and/or Saturdays as a part-time instructor, then spend Sundays correcting papers.  I’ll be 45 in January.  It’d be nice to work one full-time job, go home to a nice quiet studio, and maybe go out every now and again, with positive people who enjoy their lives and think friends deserve to enjoy ours too.  A thriving economy isn’t really about stuff, it’s about buying a little peace of mind.  Good thing decent companionship is still free.

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