Hair It Comes!

Renewed dialogues on Black women wearing naturals (that’s wearing our hair unchemically-processed). With the economy in a state of non-luxurious living, who can afford to plunk down $100 for salon relaxing? I’m biased on the topic, having chemically altered my hair for a maximum of 5 years in my entire life.  It was long, $200+, […]

November Poems

My rare political poetry, part of a 7 in 7 challenge: Must’ve Bumped My Head Must’ve bumped my head. Could swear I heard on the 11 O’Clock news that a Black person just became president of the U. S. of A. Fell asleep waiting to watch the old white guy pull another fast one like […]

Never thought I’d see the day…

I haven’t much to say here, trying to write a poem that’s not cooperating at all. I guess even the muse has been rendered speechless today.  Yes, everybody saw the polls, heard the preliminary numbers, watched Palin add buckets of water to the tanking campaign, but….  I never thought I’d see the day. Congratulations, President […]