Body Image, Health and Beauty

Hair It Comes!

Renewed dialogues on Black women wearing naturals (that’s wearing our hair unchemically-processed). With the economy in a state of non-luxurious living, who can afford to plunk down $100 for salon relaxing? I’m biased on the topic, having chemically altered my hair for a maximum of 5 years in my entire life.  It was long, $200+, and I didn’t love it.  It felt weird, sounded weird, looked alien with my veggie-burger-loving personality, and took for-ev-er to blowdry on non-salon weeks.  I was in my 20’s.  In honor of my turning 45 in January, I’ve cut my possessed hair.  It’s soooo soft and curly, silent, and it “looks like me.” I adore it.   Here’s the link that prompted this confessional burst of kinky-haired self-love:


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