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2nd Annual MASS POETRY FESTIVAL: October

Kudos to the organizers of that huge three-day event.  Man, that was fun!!   Great audience  at B&N!   Thank you to the readers who bought my book.  Big thank you and apology to the would-be listeners who missed me because of the time change and took the time to come tell me they were disappointed.  It really means a lot.   I was sooooo nervous.  Mark, my friend, you rock!!

I’ll be back with a list of cool publishers, etc. I met at the Small Press Book Fair.

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Tom, Still Love Ya!

After:  (October)

59 to 0   –In Boston lingo, that’s fifty-freakin’-nine to zeeerohhh!  In the gorgeous snow.  Well, damn, those guys know how to make an old New England girl’s heart go pitter-pat.

Before:  (September)

I won’t go into details of how excruciating today’s Patriots game was.  It’s okay Tom.  I mean, I’m totally ticked off that the game was boooo-ring.  And we lost.  But I forgive you.  Don’t let it happen again.

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Kanye, Brother, what the…?

I was all ready to say, “The media is blowing things out of proportion again!” but that was unnecessary, Kanye.  Truthful, but not necessary.  She’s 19.  It makes sense that we’re just not that into her, but let the girl enjoy her moment.  Call her.  Twitter.  Something.  But apologize already!

[Update:  He did apologize the evening this was written.  I think he’s right to deduce that he seriously needs a vacation.]