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Upcoming Events: Jan./Feb.:2010

Check back for updates.

A Century of Black Voices poetry reading.  The event will consist of 8 Massachusetts poets reading the words of some of our favorite Black poets as well as our own work.

February 27, 2-4pm at the Brookline Public Library.  The event is free and T-accessible.


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Events: Jan./Feb.:2010”

  1. Hello Mignon,
    Hi Mignon,

    Sistah Brown put the word out there about “A Century If Black Voices”. My friend and I will attend. Too bad the program is set. 😦 My friend and I would of loved to read some poems from our favorite poet as well as our own works! Please keep us in mind for future events.

    Denise Washington

    1. Sorry about that, Denise. I invited poets I’ve enjoyed hearing read in the past. Hope to see you at the event anyhow–and at the Boston Poetry Marathon in April; I’ll be MC at the open mic for an hour or so. I’d love to hear you read.

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