NaPoMo Poems: 20-30

30  Words Are Not All Poetry is not everything.  It’s neither vacation from reality nor vocation to keep a roof overhead.  It will not patch that roof’s leaks or repair broken relations or teach a teen to make his bed.  Not everyone considers it useful to hear or worthwhile to write. Most, actually, do not.  […]

NaPoMo: Poems 15-19

19 These Are the Things You’ll Want to Take with You When You Leave Family Baggage Behind 1. Nephews who graduate from rubber dinosaurs to transforming robots; or who cook; or who joined the Marines. 2. Nieces who once collected clown dolls; or beat you at Scrabble; or threatened to bite the stupid out of […]

NaPoMo 2010: Poems 8-14

13 and 14 are being held hostage somewhere in this computer.  I will attempt to ransom them eventually.   12  Dear Heidi, [Explanation From a Friend] . Yes, I could have said all this over ale and focaccia at Papa Razzi’s, but it was more fun to talk books. It’s simple: Take everything you know about me. Now strip away […]

NaPoMo 2010: Poems 1-7

Yet again, I accept the challenge to write 30 poems in 30 days.  Here goes! 7  Stranger than Fiction First, it’s annoying that the special report interrupts a soap opera love scene, police chief lying with gushing chest wound as the woman who dumped his brother to return to true love leans over, whispering she cannot live […]