mignon ariel king, Poetry

More Poetry

I’m so resistant to the idea of typing fiction that’s been sitting in my journal since Fall that I just compiled two poetry collections to revise and submit when I only needed to finish one for the second draft of my trilogy.  Who knew that if I scraped together all the miscellaneous poems lying around there would be 50 additional publishable, theme-linked poems?  Yes, I also discovered about 50 totally crappy poems that ought to be lining a bird cage, but that’s the writer’s life.

I guess I know how I’ll be spending my summer “vacation” since having paid employment doesn’t seem to be on the ol’ calendar.  (No, I will not be in therapy trying to figure out why I can’t finish one freakin’ novella!)  This economy nonsense is getting old.  More jobs are springing up every day! Yeah, where?  Not in liberal arts land, as far as I can tell.  Jiminy Cricket!


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