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Always Talking Too Much?

Yes, I talk too much, but now I’m writing too much as well.  45,000 words.  That’s how long my “novella” is.   I remember when I couldn’t write a poem that was longer than a stanza.  Then the memoir was 33,000.  How could I possibly write that much?  And how bad is my Math that I underestimate these word counts so badly?  Eek.  Well, at least I feel productive as the past year of bare employment winds down.  There are worst ways to spend a year than editing together a 5-volume grand opus and starting two new projects.  But I’d better get cracking soon if I want to finish Moby-Dick this summer.  Might have to give myself a handicap and say this year since apparently I’m writing a chapbook of poetry about it.


2 thoughts on “Always Talking Too Much?”

    1. Thank you! I just finished revising it yesterday–ten years after scribbling the first paragraph in an address book. Whee!

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