Mike Amado’s New Book is Available

I was lucky enough to read this collection of poems before the big book release party this past weekend (by proofreading it).  It’s hard to believe the poet was only 33.  This is the first of a series of posthumous collections.

“The Book of Arrows” by the late Mike Amado (of Plymouth, MA), founder of PTAOW, explores “the Spoken Warrior’s” Native American ancestry from a socially-conscious perspective as well as showing off the intelligence and readiness to laugh that made him a dear friend to many of us Massachusetts poets. Now available:



Last Featured Reading of “The Woods Have Words”

It’s been almost three years of fun since my first book of poems was published.  15 features at a variety of MA venues later, it’s time to let the old order changeth.   This is the final reading/signing of the book (which will be on sale for $10 cash vs. the usual $15).   Stay tuned for publication news on volumes two and three of the poetic trilogy.

Saturday, September 17, 2011, 2-5pm, Brockton Public Library.  FREE 

Commuter rail/bus accessibility.  Check the site for directions and parking info.   Bring a poem for the open mic!


Happy Labour Day!

America Lounging

I see America lounging, breathing in the sausages and skewered vegetables,
Those of bartenders, each one being heard, as it should be, loud and wrong,
The doctor snoring away his holiday as he sways in a hammock,
The mason singing to his new son as he forgets his job, fatherhood being work,
The fisherman ignoring forecasts of tides, the deckhand sailing on the Charles,
The shoemaker singing as he sits on his bench, the elders reweaving old yarns,
The (shopkeeper’s)* chat, the bicyclists commuting to nowhere special, no time soon,
The raucous laughter of the mother, or of the newlyweds at play, or of the girl in a sprinkler,
All laughing through the afternoon that belongs to us all, despite each separate wish,
The sundown shadowing cardplayers, and lovers, and college kids, all robust, friendly,
Singing and yawning with widened smiles, welcoming tomorrow with open arms.

[After Whitman]

*(One word that means “cashier at 24-hour store?”)

[After Whitman]