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Writing My Fingers Off!!!


I’m reading Moby-Dick and continuing the poetic synopsis while reading Steven Tyler’s latest autobiography and writing a review on Goodreads (link below); and I’m editing the Extra MoJo! anthology-to-be as well as subbing some of the zillion poems I’ve written so far this year.  Whew!  Let’s see how much more I can write before the heat kicks in.


Prince illustration


2 thoughts on “Writing My Fingers Off!!!”

  1. This is when and how I finished my second book. During summer vacation, I went back to those words, lines, stanzas, and first draft poems that I had written on the fly. I separated the ones that I thought had any potential at all and fleshed them out. Then, I read a lot and in turn, I was able to write quite a bit. I put the two groups of poems together and revised like crazy.

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