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Un-be-liev!-able Techno Updates


Finding out that Hotmail is changing so I’ll need to switch to Outlook eventually, I decided to be proactive and make the change now.  What the hell, I’m already re-organizing my entire creative life anyhow during these underemployment/writer’s block/August stinks doldrums.

What a hassle!  The goal of merging 6 e-mails into 4 was apparently overly ambitious, so for now I’m down to 5.  My three professional e-mails and sites are for now:

MoJo!    mojo_hcp@outlook.com         http://mojowriters.com

HCP    mojo_hcp@outlook.com       http://hiddencharmpress.wordpress.com

U.M.Ph.! Prose   umphsubmits@yahoo.com           http://umph-prose.weebly.com

Frankly, that’s all you need to know!

Mignon and Friends, Brockton 2010
Mignon and Friends, Brockton 2010

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