Mignon's Diary

January 1, 2013

In December, I:

sent out a chapbook of poems.

wrote 5 Moby poems–far short of the halfway mark,  Phooey!

finished editing the final draft of the HCP anthology.

was sick with anti-flu, then pseudo-pneumonia…you name it for maybe 21 days.  Would probably be dead by now if not for flu shot and pneumonia vaccine 🙂  .  And my knee is revolting.

finally sent out Ch. 1 of my second novella.  I wrote it in Summer 2010.  Haven’t finished a chapter since.  But, hey, baby steps are better than none.

celebrated the Patriots finishing the regular season on a high note.  Yeah!

made a New Year’s resolution to eat what I please and write when my noodle feels like it.  Cuz last year I gave up eating a package of cookies per week, added some yoga to PT–and ended up 15 pounds over my “normal.”  I had no idea until my annual exam.  I don’t own a scale.  –But, really, so what’s the point of cookie deprivation?  Raspberry finger cookies, here I come.




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