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August 8, 2013

July was such a lousy month I almost forgot my August post.  High points: my oldest and dearest friends are priceless.  Typing/editing Rosebud… is still happening.  I have covers for two books, blurbs for the novella.  I’m getting physical therapy for my neck (displaced vertebra? ouchie) so I don’t clonk out at 4pm from muscle relaxers then lie awake til 4am.  That totally sucked.

It’s an excellent prose jag, but I miss poetry.  There’s a reading, with the theme “Place” at the JP library* on Sedgwick next Thursday, August 15.  6:15 sign-up for the open mic.  The reading is 7-8ish.  Hosts: Beatrice Greene and Carolyn Gregory (both JP poets!).

*Orange Line to Forest Hills, then hop the #39 bus – it’s only a few stops.  There’s a big brick municipal building on the corner of Sedgwick and South St.  Failproof method: When the bus starts to curve onto Centre St, ring the bell and walk back.


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