October 1st (almost)

-Better get going assembling Words of Flight, poems of tribute, volume 3 to sub to publishers next year.  Overwhelming whittling the pile of Maybes down to 50 poems.  It’s hard to believe how much poetry I wrote from 2009-2012.

-What in hell possessed me to try to publish all 5 books of the autobiographical pentology by December 31, 2014?  Madness!!!


September 3, 2013

Autumn at last!  My second book of poems is close to publication by ALL CAPS Publishing even as I remain faithful to my year of prose-writing commitment.

The cover for my first novella is in second-draft phase; typing is slow but sure for the microfiction collection.  So I will have to wrestle with templates to get the Tell-Tale Chapbooks self-pubs done this year.  That’s okay, there are 4 months left in the year 🙂

Finances being what they aren’t, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that my memoir will not be out this year.  Okay…breathe.  There, I said it, and the floor didn’t crumble.  Life goes on.

Photos and links when works are published.  Sleep for now.