January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

I joined a gym as a 50th birthday present to myself.  No, I can’t afford $10 per month, but I’m trying to keep my neck and back in shape to avoid months of physical therapy (which will cost more than $120 now that I’ve maxed out my insurance).

What else is going on? 
* Reached poem #68 of the MobyDick “found book” tribute – the halfway mark.
* Finished editing the hard copy of Proof #1 of my first novella A Concrete Wish: a modern fable (Tell-Tale Chapbooks, 2014).  I have to bite the bullet to type the edits for Proof #2 (a real neckache/backache just waiting to happen).

*The colon broke on my Netbook, so it’s really hard to make smiley faces.  😀

*U.M.Ph.! Prose is closed, but I’m currently brainstorming with an ex-publishing dude on starting a narrative poetry and flash fiction broadsheet alongside my new book imprint, Tell-Tale Chapbooks.  The unrestricted topic should make it easier to get a higher volume of quality submissions.

Tell-Tale Broadsheet?  Tell-Tale Imprints?


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