Mignon's Diary

July 22: Hot!

What can I say?  It’s July and my brain is melting; that’s why I forgot July’s Diary post.  I’m supposed to be writing  fiction, but I got stuck messing around with page numbers on my memoir.  Finally have most of the boring and really hard techno/formatting stuff figured out.  Now I just have to read it…yet again.  It’s a curious feeling.  Seeing the hard proof and skimming through while formatting made me really happy.  I think it’s a good book.  I’m really proud of it.  But, by all that’s holy, I do NOT want to read my own freakin’ memoir again.  I really, really don’t. – But I will at some point.  I swear it will be out this Autumn.

Otherwise, I’m working on 3 Tell-Tale Chapbooks multiple-author books and journals.  And my back and legs are better in summer, so at least I can get some walking in when it isn’t too hot.  Plenty to keep me busy til Christmas.  Be back in August to post updated covers.


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