Technical Probs…

Update: July, 2016

Apparently, I cannot add to Pages from home because it doesn’t work on a tablet.  So simple, it was mind boggling.  I’ll add from the handy-dandy library PC periodically.


First Post:

Something weird is going on with my blog, so I can’t update any pages. What’s going on with me?


30 poems/30 days November. I’m also editing my short fiction collection Ramshackled…and other small tales (Tell-Tale Chapbooks, ETA January, 2016)


A City of Trees: poems of tribute v. 1 (ALL-CAPS Publishing, 2015)


Hidden Charm Press Presents Margie Shaheed and Mignon Ariel KingOctober 2015 at Cervena Brava Press Studio, Somerville


More updates to come.  Winter, though I love it dearly, is not kind to my back when I sit for more than an hour or two per day.


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