September Writing

I managed to send off the mss. of faction A Concrete Wish — an urban fable last month, then got slammed with a minor but voice-scraping bug.  Let’s see if I can finish the mss. of memoir edits by the 15th…while pounding the pavement looking for academic jobs that crop up at the last minute, […]

Gearing Up for August

I resisted as long as possible, but isn’t this the prettiest blog?  It will cheer me up during the heat-blanched dayjobless August noons as I finally toss a few manuscripts in the mail then take another mini vacation from creativity before the final summer push to free myself from autobiographer’s hell.  [Poe could write another […]

“Will Teach for Food”

I once saw this sign and thought it was hilarious.  It’s a little less amusing now that my five-year “hiatus” from my teaching career has not yielded any changes in the world via my employed contributions to nonprofit causes or payless writing of poetry.  So I took a break, and had a blast reading my […]