September Writing

I managed to send off the mss. of faction A Concrete Wish — an urban fable last month, then got slammed with a minor but voice-scraping bug.  Let’s see if I can finish the mss. of memoir edits by the 15th…while pounding the pavement looking for academic jobs that crop up at the last minute, finishing a proof job and looking for more, going to the dentist, posting the next issue of U.M.Ph.! Prose….  Can we say STRESS, boys and girls?

Say, maybe updating the Online Lit. of Note page will be relaxing.  It sure beats trying to concentrate when the sun is up.  I need a job; seriously, I get zero writing done during the day.  Employers, do you here that!  Former English teacher with obsessive organizing skills and ability to ignore everyone while slaving away 7 hours per day seeks income-bearing work.

Say, I feel much better now.  The power of writing, baby!

faction is fiction, so obviously based on a real person’s former or coulda-been life that it’d be dumb to play that coy writer’s it ain’t about me game.


Gearing Up for August

I resisted as long as possible, but isn’t this the prettiest blog?  It will cheer me up during the heat-blanched dayjobless August noons as I finally toss a few manuscripts in the mail then take another mini vacation from creativity before the final summer push to free myself from autobiographer’s hell.  [Poe could write another short story about running away from one’s self here.]

“Will Teach for Food”

I once saw this sign and thought it was hilarious.  It’s a little less amusing now that my five-year “hiatus” from my teaching career has not yielded any changes in the world via my employed contributions to nonprofit causes or payless writing of poetry.  So I took a break, and had a blast reading my first book in public for a year, and there couldn’t be a worse time to look for a job doing what I studied and trained to do for 20 years.  Hmmm.  “Will Write for Food.”  No?