July 3, 2013

Settled into the new digs in June.  Had a migraine for 3+ weeks.  Joined an online Fiction group; dropped out of online fiction group.  Wrote absolutely nothing that I was supposed to be working on.  Started writing a chapbook of flash fiction (Rosebud and other small tales).  What?  Since when do I write short fiction?  […]

March 1, 2013

Well, it’s really only Feb. 27 at 3:30am, but close enough.  So my back and neck are still protesting having to sit still for 3 hours Monday night, and the cold I refused to let get the best of me until Tuesday is wiping me out…BUT it was totally worth it. The launch of Hidden […]

NaPoMo: Week Three

NaPoMo 2011: 15-21 15 Deadline  This is the day set to stop calculating, to stop saving for something special. He’ll never be enough, just a tax on what’s left of my emotional budget. 16 What Longing Means Sufre mas el que espera siempre que aquel que nunca espero a nadie? [Does he who always waits […]

NaPoMo Poems: Week Two

NaPoMo2011-8-14   8 Am I Up Yet? It’s too early for this, the furious sounds of hunger and pure agony dueling for my belly as the sun beams obnoxious, rabble-rouser, then kicks my back once I’ve rolled away from its insulting glare. Haunting shouldn’t happen after night.   9  “You’re an adult. You have a life.”* […]