Always Talking Too Much?

Yes, I talk too much, but now I’m writing too much as well.  45,000 words.  That’s how long my “novella” is.   I remember when I couldn’t write a poem that was longer than a stanza.  Then the memoir was 33,000.  How could I possibly write that much?  And how bad is my Math that I […]

NaPoMo 2010: Poems 1-7

Yet again, I accept the challenge to write 30 poems in 30 days.  Here goes! 7  Stranger than Fiction First, it’s annoying that the special report interrupts a soap opera love scene, police chief lying with gushing chest wound as the woman who dumped his brother to return to true love leans over, whispering she cannot live […]

Groups for a non-Groupie

It’s not easy for natural loners to congregate, but this week I found myself exceedingly comfortable in, even energized by, two writers’ groups. One is an older group into which I have dropped on occasion in the past.  I don’t get any significant publish-worthy work done there, but it is pleasant.  We sat sipping tea, and […]

Is this thing on?!

Well, I am slowly figuring out bits of techno stuff as I go deeper into the woods of blogging, no small feat for a creative writer who considers mastering the microwave one of her greatest life achievements.  But I google myself and find all sorts of curiosities: sites I quit attempting to register my blog on months ago that […]