October 1st (almost)

-Better get going assembling Words of Flight, poems of tribute, volume 3 to sub to publishers next year.  Overwhelming whittling the pile of Maybes down to 50 poems.  It’s hard to believe how much poetry I wrote from 2009-2012.

-What in hell possessed me to try to publish all 5 books of the autobiographical pentology by December 31, 2014?  Madness!!!

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September 3, 2013

Autumn at last!  My second book of poems is close to publication by ALL CAPS Publishing even as I remain faithful to my year of prose-writing commitment.

The cover for my first novella is in second-draft phase; typing is slow but sure for the microfiction collection.  So I will have to wrestle with templates to get the Tell-Tale Chapbooks self-pubs done this year.  That’s okay, there are 4 months left in the year 🙂

Finances being what they aren’t, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that my memoir will not be out this year.  Okay…breathe.  There, I said it, and the floor didn’t crumble.  Life goes on.

Photos and links when works are published.  Sleep for now.

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July 3, 2013

Settled into the new digs in June.  Had a migraine for 3+ weeks.  Joined an online Fiction group; dropped out of online fiction group.  Wrote absolutely nothing that I was supposed to be working on.  Started writing a chapbook of flash fiction (Rosebud and other small tales).  What?  Since when do I write short fiction?  Since never, that’s when.  A breakthrough at last!  Woo hoo!!!

My friend Chris Robbins’ video of me reading from Extra MoJo!

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June 5, 2013

After a crazy month of packing, stressing, and cleaning (my aching back and neck and swollen knees stretched to their limits), I’ve finally moved.  A Boston poet on the South Shore!  Culture shock, but it’s very pretty and reasonably quiet here.  I miss the house where I rented a room for two and a half years – a real home that kept me together after the loss of my mother in September 2010, despite the cast of yahoo neighbors.  And I will sorely miss seeing my brother on the way to the Cambridge public library.

But it is good to be forced to make a change every now and again.  I’m still hoping to break the halfway mark on the Moby-inspired poetry collection.  Maybe I’ll get some chapters added to the second novella also.  One never knows what summer will bring.  All my brain likes to do in warm weather is write love poems.

I made a pot of chili last night – with ground beef and pork sausage instead of ground turkey – O, sin!  Looking forward to day-old chili for dinner.  This is the first place I’ve lived in that has CA; it’s always 70 degrees.  Good thing the grocery store is 15 minutes away walking so I’ll get exercise instead of hopping the bus to the nearest market.  It’s so cool in here I could bake a pie for the 4th of July.  Off to google red, white, and blue pie.   “One never knows…do one?”



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March 1, 2013

Well, it’s really only Feb. 27 at 3:30am, but close enough.  So my back and neck are still protesting having to sit still for 3 hours Monday night, and the cold I refused to let get the best of me until Tuesday is wiping me out…BUT it was totally worth it.

The launch of Hidden Charm Press with its first title Extra MoJo! at the Stone Soup Poetry reading in Central Square, Cambridge, MA on Monday night was fantastic!  The open mic was great.  My sisters-writers were an outstanding feature, making poems from the anthology leap off the page.  It was truly enthralling!  I couldn’t be prouder.

Hidden Charm Press (HCP) was created in July, 2011.  It took until July, 2012 to put together a first draft of the Extra MoJo! anthology. By Winter, 2012 I had a cover artist and layout artist on board to make the manuscript into the book that the 20 writers deserve.

Hurrah to my co-features Toni Bee and Robin White; kudos to Denise Washington whose poem is on the back of the book; woo hoo to cover artist Jessica Grundy and to my football buddy, layout artist Steve Glines, for making a pile of papers into a gorgeous book!

The Press’s inventory for the evening sold out, so now I can afford a new computer battery, the HCP website purchase, and incidentals like food all at the same time 😀


photo of Robin White, Mignon Ariel King, and Toni Bee by chad parenteau

Mignon's Diary

December 1

Having sucked thus far at both daily and weekly blogging, I’m trying for month-at-a-glance updates.

Wall-Jo-Queenof Night

“Queen of the Night” copyright Josephine Wall


made it past the 5oth chapter of Moby-Dick poems and am writing away.

managed to spend 6 months not finding a boyfriend the first time I’ve ever actually made a full-steam-ahead attempt to find one.  I have no problem attracting 30 year olds.  50 year olds, not so much.

subbed a chapbook, finished an anthology mss., and subbed to a journal.  Yet I managed to publish nothing in November.

had back pain, grinding knee, and neck pain have trashed my ability to sleep before, say, 2am 5 nights per week or so.  And I’m so stressed out over…everything …that I have at least 1 migraine per week.

slacked off old physical therapy routine and intro yoga for my back because of stupid knee.  Will begin physical therapy for knee this month.

,following two text-less months, finally got my text service fixed.  Yay!

saved all my pennies for months to buy a semi-warm winter coat and boots.  I love them!  And my 10-year-old (queen) sheets finally disintegrated so I got to makeover my (full) bed in earth tones that fit.  Bought polka-dotted pajamas too 🙂

still couldn’t get through a whole novel.  I read three non-poetry books the entire year.  That bites.

ran into, had coffee with, my sister.

had a solitary Thanksgiving that made me feel happy just remembering when my parents and nine siblings sat around the table together for 16 years.