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Reading from "My Beantown..." at PTAOW, Plymouth, MA - April, 2015
Singing “Imagine”/Reading from My Beantown… at PTAOW, Plymouth, MA – April, 2015


Mignon Ariel King was born in Boston’s City Hospital. She graduated from Girl’s Latin School/Boston Latin Academy. She holds a Master of Arts in English degree from Simmons College (for women). King is the publisher of Hidden Charm Press (HCP), the sister press of the online journal MoJo! and of TellTale Chapbooks (TTC)

Ms. King has been reading at open mics since 1998 and sometimes singing Rock tunes since 2003.  Her autobiographical pentalogy (written in three genres from 1996-2010) is based on a lifetime spent in Greater Boston as a third-generation New Englander and former teacher.


Mignon Ariel King Features at Stone Soup, March 10, 2014
Mignon Ariel King Features at Stone Soup, March 10, 2014
photo by chad parenteau
Mignon Ariel King reading flash memoir from Extra MoJo! #1 (HCP, 2013)   Dire Literary Series, Cambridge, MA – March 1, 2013

photo by teisha dawn twomey


Making-Lionel-BPL2012Mignon Ariel King channeling Lionel Ritchie “Know It Sounds Funny” is a dramatic monologue from the manuscript of Words of Flight: poems of tribute 3. 
Boston National Poetry Month Festival
Boston Public Library, April, 2013.
photo by jack scully

So, what am I working on right now?

Words of Flight: poems of tribute 3 — sitting on publishers’ desks (aka seeking publication)
“An Everlasting Itch for Things Remote”* (a ‘found book’ of prose poems) The 132-poem collection is a subjective synopsis/analysis of Moby-Dick. It is, however, intended to be a work of art that can stand on it’s own.
Whether the reader has not yet read the novel; read it long ago; or has taught it, he or she can enjoy the collection simply as poetry.
Each poem has fewer than 24 lines.
[*The title of the poetry collection is a quotation from Moby-Dick]
Watermarks (a poetry chapbook) 

Okay, I’m done referring to myself in third person, so FYI:

My first name is pronounced: MIN-yin, as in dominion. It’s German. It means “favorite.”  Kindly don’t tell me what it means in French; I’m a classically-trained scholar/researcher. I know how to google–and this ain’t Paris! (No fooling. People have sent me “helpful” e-mails.)

My middle name is “Ariel”–after an arguably androgynous sprite from Shakespeare’s The Tempest.