June 26: Poem published

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Hurrah!  My first cooperative poem with 4 other poets, and also my first attempt to write a ghazal is published in the Summer, 2015 issue of The Ghazal Page.

I finished revising the upcoming “A City of Trees: poems of tribute 1″ this week.  It’s the prequel to the Bukowski-inspired “What Good’s a View of the Charles…?” (2013). Both from ALL CAPS PUBLISHING.

And the proof arrived for “Playground: poems” by Margie Shaheed, winner of the 2014 Hidden Charm Press Poetry Chapbook Contest.  So the book will be out this month.

So guess how productive I feel right now!  Here’s my Amazon page, with three books I’ve written and the Extra MoJo! anthology I edited.  I will post links when the new books are officially launched.  Now, off to rest my brain!


May 16, 2015

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Madly in love with Steven Tyler all over again (aka still) after hearing his new Country single.



April 25, 2015

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National Poetry Month will be over Thursday.  I got a lot done, had some fun, and am very tired.  3 more books to pump out this year?  We’ll see.  The ol’ back doesn’t love sitting at a table on a hard chair typing for hours.

For anybody who was reading, I stopped posting the 30/30 because the double-spacing was driving me batty.  I need to get back into the habit of submitting.  Lots to do now that my computer is broken, but not impossible.  Scale back, and steam ahead!

February 2015

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SNOWPOCALYPSE!!!  Need I say more?


1) My first published poem of 2015!


2) Links to the published books of my autobiographical pentalogy. 
[Book II, v.2 of the poetry (trilogy within a trilogy) “A City of Trees” will also be published this spring by ALL CAPS Publishing.]

Book I (memoir) 
How a survivor of the 1990s race, class, and gender wars in academe transformed into a middle-aged writer and small-press publisher.

Book II (poetry) 
Inspired by the poetry of Charles Bukowski.

Book III (novella) 
A love story for people with brains.


3)  I’ve finished my novella (Ramshackled), which is more of a novelette, and will be publishing it along with 26 microfiction tales about 26 women (working title: Rosebud).

4)  I forgot.  I did a lot of bookmaking last year.  Exhausting!  But it’s nice to see it all booked up this year.


First Night, of course.  $10.  http://www.firstnightboston.org/


What’s up with me?  Writing Moby-Dick poems.  Keeping these old bones warm.  Looking wistfully out the window for some real snow.  Creating sentence fragments.  Trying to fix my memoir image, as it keeps showing up backwards.  Eep.

Dropping the Mask (Hidden Charm Press, 2014)

Dropping the Mask Coming from Hidden Charm Press Artwork: copyright 2012 Patricia Wallace Jones

Artwork: Copyright 2012 Patricia Wallace Jones




November, 2014

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My memoir is finished!  It took 14 years (1996-2010) to write a five-book, three-genre autobiography.  In the past 4 years, I’ve published 4/5.  So I won’t have the entire series published by the end of my 50th year (2014), but I’m feeling more elated about what’s done than that which has yet to be accomplished.

Three days into National Novel Writing Month, I’ve written a few pages of novella and six Moby-Dick poems.  After being sick for most of October, I feel a need to catch up a bit; fortunately my mind is cooperating.  Anyhow, here’s the Amazon link.  Click on the Copyright link to read the “Intro.” rather than “First Pages” (which aren’t helpful in representing the book taken out of context.  The book is about my life’s work, more  of a social commentary than one of those “please hug my inner child” memoirs :-)



I’ve been busy with final edits on my memoir; HCP contest’s impending close (deadline is Wednesday).  Check out MA October highlights on my New England arts site (an extension of this blog) Words Happening?!

Here’s my newest bookworm photo.

September 14

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Woo hoo!  I’ve finally finished my memoir.  Now back to fiction writing.   It’s amazing how much the medicine for my back has helped my writing.  I can concentrate better.  I actually sleep for more than a few hours at a time.  I can sit in a chair typing for a few hours.  Amazing difference.