Ramshackled…and 26 other New England women’s small tales (Tell-Tale Chapbooks, 2016)

A Concrete Wish: a modern fable (Tell-Tale Chapbooks, 2014)



I have a poem in Muddy River Poetry Review! (2018)

And one of my poems that was published in Nixes Mate Review is now in the print anthology! (2018)

“Traitor” Oddball Magazine, October 25, 2017 [Online]

“it’s not the universe’s job”, “Things I Forgot to Do This Week”, February 15, 2016  [Online]

“Hapless Evil” Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, August 6, 2015 [Online]

“Know It Sounds Funny” Stone Soup Servings, February 15, 2015 [Online]

“Air Mail” Silver Birch Press Press Blog, January 19, 2015 [Online]

“Marathon of Other Plans”  Oddball Magazine, April 21, 2014 [Online]

“Under the Burren”  Oddball Magazine, March 2014. [Online]

What Good is a View of the Charles…? (ALL-CAPS Publishing, 2013)

“What?  This Isn’t the Way” Meat for Tea, March 2012. [Print; pdf]  

“Broke Love Song” and “First on the List of Forbidden Topics” Muddy River Poetry Review, Fall 2010. [Online]

“Manufactured Light” Verse Wisconsin, July 2010. [Online]

“Bean Counter” and “The Happy Hour” apt #23 , March 2010. [Online]

“One Please” on permanent Poets page on, August 2009.

“Lost in Translation” And again last night, June 2009. [Print, UK anthology]

“How the City Sounds Without You” Bagelbard Anth. No. 4, 2009. [Print]

“That Other Woman” Muddy River Poetry Review, Spring 2009. [Online]

“carpe noctem” Off the Coast, Spring 2009. [Print]

“Wind-checked” Poiesis #2, January 2009. [Print] – Temporarily unavailable while the       press updates its site.

“Literary Trail” Gloom Cupboard #69, Fall 2008. [Online]

“Acting My Age” Wilderness House Literary Review, January 2008. [Online]

“Old Money Wanted” Ibbetson Street 24, Fall 2008. [Print]

“Shower?! Man, That’s for Amateurs!” Shaking Like a Mountain, 2008. [Online]

“Exhausted” Bagels with the Bards, No.3 , 2008. [Print anthology]

“Independence Unspent” Wilderness House Literary Review , Mar. 2008. [Online] – Also in WHLR: The Best of #3, print edition, available for purchase.

“Ken’s Pub: When My Father was Alive” Lyrical Somerville, Nov. 2007. [P]

“In Snow Motion” The Mayor’s Prose and Poetry Exhibit, Spring 2007.

“Legacy” Bagels with the Bards, No. 2 , 2007. [Print anthology]



Dropping the Mask: non-Academic reflections of a womanist writer.  (Hidden Charm Press, 2014).

“The Practice of Dating” WHLR, January 2009. [Online]



Gager: “These Poems are not Pink Clouds” Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene, June 2009. [Online]

Salzman & Wack: “Women’s Work” Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene, March 2009. [Online]

“Boston Review” The Small Press Review, Fall 2008. [Print]

Nowlin: “Boston Red Sox World Series Encyclopedia” Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene, September 2008.  [Print]

Gager: “This is where you go when you are gone” Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene, August 2008. [Print]



Sam Cornish. Cervena Barva Press Newsletter, May 2009. [Online]



Created and ran Black Women Writers’ Group (BWWG), November 2008-March 2009. Cambridge, MA.

Co-taught (w/ Molly Lynn Watt) a writing workshop at the Somerville Museum, (just went senile–will find the date–2007?).  Somerville, MA.



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