Ramshackled…and 26 other New England women’s small tales (Tell-Tale Chapbooks, 2016)

A Concrete Wish: a modern fable (Tell-Tale Chapbooks, 2014)



“Traitor” Oddball Magazine, October 25, 2017 [Online]

“it’s not the universe’s job”, “Things I Forgot to Do This Week”, February 15, 2016  [Online]

“Hapless Evil” Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, August 6, 2015 [Online]

“Know It Sounds Funny” Stone Soup Servings, February 15, 2015 [Online]

“Air Mail” Silver Birch Press Press Blog, January 19, 2015 [Online]

“Marathon of Other Plans”  Oddball Magazine, April 21, 2014 [Online]

“Under the Burren”  Oddball Magazine, March 2014. [Online]

What Good is a View of the Charles…? (ALL-CAPS Publishing, 2013)

“What?  This Isn’t the Way” Meat for Tea, March 2012. [Print; pdf]  

“Broke Love Song” and “First on the List of Forbidden Topics” Muddy River Poetry Review, Fall 2010. [Online]

“Manufactured Light” Verse Wisconsin, July 2010. [Online]

“Bean Counter” and “The Happy Hour” apt #23 , March 2010. [Online]

“One Please” on permanent Poets page on, August 2009.

“Lost in Translation” And again last night, June 2009. [Print, UK anthology]

“How the City Sounds Without You” Bagelbard Anth. No. 4, 2009. [Print]

“That Other Woman” Muddy River Poetry Review, Spring 2009. [Online]

“carpe noctem” Off the Coast, Spring 2009. [Print]

“Wind-checked” Poiesis #2, January 2009. [Print] – Temporarily unavailable while the       press updates its site.

“Literary Trail” Gloom Cupboard #69, Fall 2008. [Online]

“Acting My Age” Wilderness House Literary Review, January 2008. [Online]

“Old Money Wanted” Ibbetson Street 24, Fall 2008. [Print]

“Shower?! Man, That’s for Amateurs!” Shaking Like a Mountain, 2008. [Online]

“Exhausted” Bagels with the Bards, No.3 , 2008. [Print anthology]

“Independence Unspent” Wilderness House Literary Review , Mar. 2008. [Online] – Also in WHLR: The Best of #3, print edition, available for purchase.

“Ken’s Pub: When My Father was Alive” Lyrical Somerville, Nov. 2007. [P]

“In Snow Motion” The Mayor’s Prose and Poetry Exhibit, Spring 2007.

“Legacy” Bagels with the Bards, No. 2 , 2007. [Print anthology]



Dropping the Mask: non-Academic reflections of a womanist writer.  (Hidden Charm Press, 2014).

“The Practice of Dating” WHLR, January 2009. [Online]



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Gager: “This is where you go when you are gone” Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene, August 2008. [Print]



Sam Cornish. Cervena Barva Press Newsletter, May 2009. [Online]



Created and ran Black Women Writers’ Group (BWWG), November 2008-March 2009. Cambridge, MA.

Co-taught (w/ Molly Lynn Watt) a writing workshop at the Somerville Museum, (just went senile–will find the date–2007?).  Somerville, MA.



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