January 2018

I’m finally updating this blog.

Nothing to say. Swell!  I’m submitting and writing poetry this week.  Check back next month for words of wisdom.  (Yes, that means Thursday.)



It’s almost June, and I’m making an effort to post monthly. How do people do this every day? Most of my days aren’t that interesting.


Dec. 19, 2016

As this craptastic year draws to a close, I mourn the loss of two family members as well as the shared public figure losses.  And the country as we know it–with all its flaws but also moments when one could be proud of being a fellow citizen–will most likely end with the pens of the few signing away the next four years.  May whatever greater spirits we believe in help us get through it.

I try to focus on blessings.  The two brothers I grew up playing with and I have reconnected.  I met my tiny grandniece for the first time.  My little bro is a grandfather x 3!

Somehow I managed to publish the second issues of my presses’ anthology and literary journal.  My own first collection of microfictions has also seen the light.  My oldest and dearest friends are astoundingly good to me.

Yes, it has been an horrendous year.  I won’t miss it.  But one must grasp onto whatever life rafts are available or sink.  I’m past chapter 80 of Moby-Dick and won’t jinx with specifics; however, it’s safe to predict that I will finish the first draft of my Moby-inspired poetry collection in 2017 or die trying.  With six years invested in the project so far, that’s huge for me!

Happier, saner, safer New Year to all!


Summer Vacation

If you don’t know me well, you’re probably wondering why this blog looks skimpy for 2016. Well, I have a boatload of work ahead of me to get the “Extra MoJo! #2” anthology (Hidden Charm Press) out asap.  It is the print form of everything published in the online journal “MoJo!” since the first anthology; also, there was an open call for submissions.  Then I will pull together the “Tell-Tale Inklings #2” (TTC) print journal.

But before all that happens, my first book of stories will be published this month, within weeks, maybe next week.  It’s in the queue at last!  Neither broken computers, nor the Massachusetts Snowpocalypse, nor gremlins’ reformats will forever discourage “Ramshackled…” (TTC) from seeing the light of day!

And that is what I’m doing this Summer.


Technical Probs…

Update: July, 2016

Apparently, I cannot add to Pages from home because it doesn’t work on a tablet.  So simple, it was mind boggling.  I’ll add from the handy-dandy library PC periodically.


First Post:

Something weird is going on with my blog, so I can’t update any pages. What’s going on with me?


30 poems/30 days November. I’m also editing my short fiction collection Ramshackled…and other small tales (Tell-Tale Chapbooks, ETA January, 2016)


A City of Trees: poems of tribute v. 1 (ALL-CAPS Publishing, 2015)


Hidden Charm Press Presents Margie Shaheed and Mignon Ariel KingOctober 2015 at Cervena Brava Press Studio, Somerville


More updates to come.  Winter, though I love it dearly, is not kind to my back when I sit for more than an hour or two per day.


April 25, 2015

National Poetry Month will be over Thursday.  I got a lot done, had some fun, and am very tired.  3 more books to pump out this year?  We’ll see.  The ol’ back doesn’t love sitting at a table on a hard chair typing for hours.

For anybody who was reading, I stopped posting the 30/30 because the double-spacing was driving me batty.  I need to get back into the habit of submitting.  Lots to do now that my computer is broken, but not impossible.  Scale back, and steam ahead!