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NaPoMo 2015 – 8


Everybody Has to Stand for Something.

An older lady on a bus.  A pledge.

A judge.  Let’s boycott turkeys trussed.

No one has the right to bind our breasts!

Yet, “We must, we must, we must increase

our bust.” Since the seventies: Don’t love

too hard or trust.  Oh, give tirades a rest!

Campaigning for you, not US.

[Prompt: Zeal]

NaPoMo 2015 – 4


The Drone of Spring


Automatically, a squirrel chases another up an oak,

but he’s a New England squirrel, still a bit confused

by the snow piles with chirping robins hopping by

to the same drumbeat that a white rabbit seems to be

following, though the silly animal is behind glass with

neon plastic eggs being cracked by sticky miniature

humans whose hard-heeled shoes shine in the sun,

the sun that reveals a primlipped grandmamah

who lacks the lexicon to politely note how the bright

rays reveal what the daughter-in-law neglected to dust.



[Prompt:  drone, lexicon, animal, crack, shine. Note that I changed tense or number, etc. so it’s not a proper word poem.]

NaPoMo 2015 – 3


A Woman with Nothing to Hide


Suffering is welcome, as long as it’s kept in a cool, dark place.

Ditto for complaint-free decomposition, with extra credit

for photos of you, waterside in seafoam gauze, kicking

a seersuckered calf at oncoming waves.  Anger sears.


There will be none of that.  Bliss is all men ask for

in a lover.  It is mostly what regular women crave from

their friends.  Yes, there are pockets of counterculture

yahoos flying black freak flags.  Crazy is cool unless one


seeks employment or cruises the personals fantasizing

about a man on Sag Harbor who doesn’t crave mystery.


[Prompt: Mental Health and society’s views, etc.]


NaPoMo 2015 – 1


Revenge of the 21st-Century Bard


It doesn’t cost a cent, unless one is

particularly determined or profoundly

disturbed  And we were all raised better.


But every now and again it thrills to give

a trespasser against the spirit his or her

comeuppance, even if only for the the thrill


of having tracked down the scent of reason.

Reasons to write “comeuppance” are rare.



1) My first published poem of 2015!

2) Links to the published books of my autobiographical pentalogy. 
[Book II, v.2 of the poetry (trilogy within a trilogy) “A City of Trees” will also be published this spring by ALL CAPS Publishing.]

Book I (memoir) 
How a survivor of the 1990s race, class, and gender wars in academe transformed into a middle-aged writer and small-press publisher.

Book II (poetry) 
Inspired by the poetry of Charles Bukowski.

Book III (novella) 
A love story for people with brains.


3)  I’ve finished my novella (Ramshackled), which is more of a novelette, and will be publishing it along with 26 microfiction tales about 26 women (working title: Rosebud).

4)  I forgot.  I did a lot of bookmaking last year.  Exhausting!  But it’s nice to see it all booked up this year.




First Night, of course.  $10.


What’s up with me?  Writing Moby-Dick poems.  Keeping these old bones warm.  Looking wistfully out the window for some real snow.  Creating sentence fragments.  Trying to fix my memoir image, as it keeps showing up backwards.  Eep.

Dropping the Mask (Hidden Charm Press, 2014)

Dropping the Mask Coming from Hidden Charm Press Artwork: copyright 2012 Patricia Wallace Jones

Artwork: Copyright 2012 Patricia Wallace Jones




NaPoMo 2014



Well, the NaPoMo poems have turned into a chapbook!  I’ve been very busy fighting my aching back/neck to do a lot of typing (30 poems plus editing volume three of the poetry trilogy to mail by May 1st); standing and sitting at readings.

So, pictures being worth the thousands words I haven’t posted this month, here are a few thousand words for you 8-)

Making-DreamOn-SS-3.10.14Mignon Ariel King singing “Dream On” (March 10) in honor of Stephen Tyler’s birthday (March 26) – from the poem “gone girl” in What Goods a View of the Charles…?  (ALL CAPS Publishing, 2013).

photo by chad parenteau

Making-BPLminifeature-4.12.2014SURPRISE!  I read two poems in the Feature portion at the BPL, Copley for the Boston National Poetry Month Festival.  Read two on the open mic too.


Making-Rene.PTAO-April2014-chadpWith the Co-host of PTAOW (and my pal) Rene Schwiesow.  The features Timothy Gager and Chad Parenteau and the open mic were amazing!

April 13, 2014, Plymouth, MA


Happy National Poetry Month!  I’ll be writing 30 poems in the next 30 days, posting some of them here.  As an added challenge, I’m doing 26 Massachusetts-related poems in alphabetical order.  Cuz that’s the kinda Masshole I am!

April 1 


It isn’t Brookline.  Nor Brighton.  Between the A-Line
-used-to-be-here streets, fine Swiss sweets or plain
Dunkin crullers.  Food from West India. Brazil.  Italy.

“Funky” write-ups from new locals on Yelp. Used to be
an embarrassing zip code but full of one-bedroom steals.
So close to Harvard, now: solar-powered condominiums.