1) My first published poem of 2015! Airmail by Mignon Ariel King (I Am Waiting Poetry Series) 2) Links to the published books of my autobiographical pentalogy.  [Book II, v.2 of the poetry (trilogy within a trilogy) “A City of Trees” will also be published this spring by ALL CAPS Publishing.] Book I (memoir)  How a […]

May 2014

Still recovering from NaPoMo.  Here I am reading from my latest poetry collection (What Good’s a View of the Charles…?: poems of tribute 2) on “Willie’s Web Show”).  Two months of socializing and event attending.  Now back into hiding.    

NaPoMo 2014

  Well, the NaPoMo poems have turned into a chapbook!  I’ve been very busy fighting my aching back/neck to do a lot of typing (30 poems plus editing volume three of the poetry trilogy to mail by May 1st); standing and sitting at readings. So, pictures being worth the thousands words I haven’t posted this […]

March 3, 2014

I was just about to complain about the achy-breakies from dust-bustering the cat-hair-matted rug because the vacuum is on the fritz (Read: D.E.A.D.).  Then Buzzzzzzzz.  UPS man.  The books for my poetry feature are here!  I didn’t have money to buy a final copy for months, thus only had the glossy sample from November. This […]