June 10, 2017

Yahoo! I’ve had poetry accepted by two journals. My May submissionfest was time well spent. Will post links when they are published.


June 3, 2017

Saturday. June 3rd. Still got nothin’. Watching S6 of Game of Thrones before some dumbass on FB spoils another scene.
“I’m glad the end of the world is working out well for someone.” Bwahahahaha!

July 19, 2015

Dressed to read Langston Hughes, 2011
Dressed to read Langston Hughes, 2011 – photo by jack scully

I promise to update you soon, little blog.  It’s been crazy trying to catch up on the backlog of work due to circumstances such as the Snowpocalypse in Massachusetts and the loss of my Netbook use (because the charge cord broke, and I’m too poor to buy a new one).

So there are two fine single-authored poetry books to be published this summer via HCP and TTC before I can move on to the literary journal I’m publishing via TTC, another single-authored book, and finally this Autumn I am determined to publish my newest fiction and poetry books. I can rest on Thanksgiving.

Overwhelmed, stressed, back and neck are killing me. But I am elated to finally share this work with the world.  Tired now.  Sleep at last.



June 12, 2015

I finished revising the upcoming “A City of Trees: poems of tribute 1” this week.  It’s the prequel to the Bukowski-inspired “What Good’s a View of the Charles…?” (2013). Both from ALL CAPS PUBLISHING.

And the proof arrived for “Playground: poems” by Margie Shaheed, winner of the 2014 Hidden Charm Press Poetry Chapbook Contest.  So the book will be out this month.

So guess how productive I feel right now!  Here’s my Amazon page, with three books I’ve written and the Extra MoJo! anthology I edited.  I will post links when the new books are officially launched.  Now, off to rest my brain!



1) My first published poem of 2015!


2) Links to the published books of my autobiographical pentalogy. 
[Book II, v.2 of the poetry (trilogy within a trilogy) “A City of Trees” will also be published this spring by ALL CAPS Publishing.]

Book I (memoir) 
How a survivor of the 1990s race, class, and gender wars in academe transformed into a middle-aged writer and small-press publisher.

Book II (poetry) 
Inspired by the poetry of Charles Bukowski.

Book III (novella) 
A love story for people with brains.


3)  I’ve finished my novella (Ramshackled), which is more of a novelette, and will be publishing it along with 26 microfiction tales about 26 women (working title: Rosebud).

4)  I forgot.  I did a lot of bookmaking last year.  Exhausting!  But it’s nice to see it all booked up this year.


August 2014

Writing fiction today by hand.  Not typing much of it though.  Finally found a neuropathy medicine that works, but it makes me foggy til about 3-5pm.  Then I get a big burst of pain-free energy and toss in a load of laundry while making dinner and maybe writing or typing.  Then I start winding down again.  I’m like a dusk-time vampire  🙂

July 22: Hot!

What can I say?  It’s July and my brain is melting; that’s why I forgot July’s Diary post.  I’m supposed to be writing  fiction, but I got stuck messing around with page numbers on my memoir.  Finally have most of the boring and really hard techno/formatting stuff figured out.  Now I just have to read it…yet again.  It’s a curious feeling.  Seeing the hard proof and skimming through while formatting made me really happy.  I think it’s a good book.  I’m really proud of it.  But, by all that’s holy, I do NOT want to read my own freakin’ memoir again.  I really, really don’t. – But I will at some point.  I swear it will be out this Autumn.

Otherwise, I’m working on 3 Tell-Tale Chapbooks multiple-author books and journals.  And my back and legs are better in summer, so at least I can get some walking in when it isn’t too hot.  Plenty to keep me busy til Christmas.  Be back in August to post updated covers.

June 2014: In Praise of Ink

I’ve been neglecting my blog again, but I have a good reason.  This entry was inspired by something my friend posted on FB. 

This is especially apropos for me right now, awake since 4am with day two of yet another migraine hangover after I was wiped out from shortly after 2 on Sunday til sometime Monday morning.   I read a little instead of finishing my really good book.    And I couldn’t bear to look at the computer screen.

By Monday I had ideas churning in my writing-mode-now brain, but I still couldn’t type because of numb fingers and excruciating pain from not exercising for three days (having deliberately goofed off Saturday, unaware I’d be slammed for two days after and wishing I could get moving). Anyhow, I’m an old-fashioned pen and paper writer, scrawling out most first drafts of prose as well as still most of my poetry despite online prompts, etc.  Having just finished typing the book I wrote by hand last summer, I’ve been trying to kick the write-by-hand habit on my next novella “Ramshackled.”

I’m behind in “production” as a publishing artist because of the transcription from journal to Word doc.  But I managed to write three pages of novella yesterday – didn’t even remember having done so.  The link between my subconscious (a pure artistic impulse, if you will) and a pen in my hand from which uncensored ideas can flow is a deep and long-developed bond that I believe makes me a better (as in less-edited more natural) writer. So I will continue to jot down notes when they pop into my mind, knowing I can pick up on the ideas at another time, but when my hand reaches into the dark out of instinct, the way one reaches for her sleeping lover because his heartbeat suddenly speaks to her, no way I’m going to try to discourage it from “wasting time.”  I’d rather sacrifice time than creativity.