NaPoMo 2014

  Well, the NaPoMo poems have turned into a chapbook!  I’ve been very busy fighting my aching back/neck to do a lot of typing (30 poems plus editing volume three of the poetry trilogy to mail by May 1st); standing and sitting at readings. So, pictures being worth the thousands words I haven’t posted this […]

November 3, 2013: The State of Words Address

There isn’t much to report in the bookmaking world.   It’s no secret that a lot of small-press publishers have taken a beating in this economy.  But, more disturbing, is how crabby and nasty some writers have gotten.  We’re all poor, but some folks are more bitter about it.  No small victory goes unpunished.  So, here’s […]

May 1, 2013

[Sorry about the format.  Have to stay as is for now.] April was the cruelest NaPoMo ever here in Massachusetts for some obvious reasons, some personal ones.   But poetry always adds some bright spots to my life.  So I’m just going with two poems, kinda Best of Times/Worst of times instead of an entry.  […]

April 1, 2013

Nothing to report here.  Slowly but surely plugging away at getting all 5 parts of my autobiography published.  So, I won’t do it before I’m 50, but by golly I’m taking a stab at coming very close – maybe “while I’m 50” :-)   3 down, 2 to go.  More info to come on who’s […]

Annual Sonnet

If one is going to post only 1 poem for NaPoMo, ‘Od’s teeth, let it be a Shakespearean sonnet!  Don’t try this fast and loose version at home, kids.  Your English teacher will give you an “F”! Oh, Husband…Poetry This love affair has gone on … long enough that friends now voice concern about my lust. […]

NaPoMo: Week Three

NaPoMo 2011: 15-21 15 Deadline  This is the day set to stop calculating, to stop saving for something special. He’ll never be enough, just a tax on what’s left of my emotional budget. 16 What Longing Means Sufre mas el que espera siempre que aquel que nunca espero a nadie? [Does he who always waits […]

NaPoMo Poems: Week Two

NaPoMo2011-8-14   8 Am I Up Yet? It’s too early for this, the furious sounds of hunger and pure agony dueling for my belly as the sun beams obnoxious, rabble-rouser, then kicks my back once I’ve rolled away from its insulting glare. Haunting shouldn’t happen after night.   9  “You’re an adult. You have a life.”* […]