Mignon's Diary

December 1

Having sucked thus far at both daily and weekly blogging, I’m trying for month-at-a-glance updates.

Wall-Jo-Queenof Night

“Queen of the Night” copyright Josephine Wall


made it past the 5oth chapter of Moby-Dick poems and am writing away.

managed to spend 6 months not finding a boyfriend the first time I’ve ever actually made a full-steam-ahead attempt to find one.  I have no problem attracting 30 year olds.  50 year olds, not so much.

subbed a chapbook, finished an anthology mss., and subbed to a journal.  Yet I managed to publish nothing in November.

had back pain, grinding knee, and neck pain have trashed my ability to sleep before, say, 2am 5 nights per week or so.  And I’m so stressed out over…everything …that I have at least 1 migraine per week.

slacked off old physical therapy routine and intro yoga for my back because of stupid knee.  Will begin physical therapy for knee this month.

,following two text-less months, finally got my text service fixed.  Yay!

saved all my pennies for months to buy a semi-warm winter coat and boots.  I love them!  And my 10-year-old (queen) sheets finally disintegrated so I got to makeover my (full) bed in earth tones that fit.  Bought polka-dotted pajamas too 🙂

still couldn’t get through a whole novel.  I read three non-poetry books the entire year.  That bites.

ran into, had coffee with, my sister.

had a solitary Thanksgiving that made me feel happy just remembering when my parents and nine siblings sat around the table together for 16 years.


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