NaPoMo 2014


Well, the NaPoMo poems have turned into a chapbook!  I’ve been very busy fighting my aching back/neck to do a lot of typing (30 poems plus editing volume three of the poetry trilogy to mail by May 1st); standing and sitting at readings.

So, pictures being worth the thousands words I haven’t posted this month, here are a few thousand words for you 8-)

Making-BPLminifeature-4.12.2014SURPRISE!  I read two poems in the Feature portion at the BPL, Copley for the Boston National Poetry Month Festival.  Read two on the open mic too.


Making-Rene.PTAO-April2014-chadpWith the Co-host of PTAOW (and my pal) Rene Schwiesow.  The features Timothy Gager and Chad Parenteau and the open mic were amazing!

April 13, 2014, Plymouth, MA


Happy National Poetry Month!  I’ll be writing 30 poems in the next 30 days, posting some of them here.  As an added challenge, I’m doing 26 Massachusetts-related poems in alphabetical order.  Cuz that’s the kinda Masshole I am!

April 1 


It isn’t Brookline.  Nor Brighton.  Between the A-Line
-used-to-be-here streets, fine Swiss sweets or plain
Dunkin crullers.  Food from West India. Brazil.  Italy.

“Funky” write-ups from new locals on Yelp. Used to be
an embarrassing zip code but full of one-bedroom steals.
So close to Harvard, now: solar-powered condominiums.

March 15, 2014

Only halfway through the month, here I am posting.  Awake at midnight with pain shooting down my spine and the backs of my legs.  Sniffing a menthol stick because my allergies are acting up – allergic to a sunny day? – or maybe it’s a cold because my heart is racing a bit.  Cannot get comfortable worth a damn!

Yet, I feel crazy-happy!  The cover of my memoir is done.  I still can’t do page numbers, so don’t ask when it will be published, but it’s done.  And the feature for my Buk tribute poems was fantastic Monday.  Yup, I’m wiped out for a week after one social engagement/creative work event, but I’m pretty tired after a day of laundry too yet laundry doesn’t leave me smiling like in the photo below!

Dropping the Mask Coming from Hidden Charm Press Artwork: copyright 2012 Patricia Wallace Jones

Dropping the Mask (Coming 2014, Hidden Charm Press)
Art:  “With My Own Eyes”  C. 2012 Patricia Wallace Jones

Celebrating Women's History Month at Stone Soup Poetry - the Buk feature

Celebrating Women’s History Month at Stone Soup Poetry – the Buk feature

photo by shannon o’connor



March 3, 2014

I was just about to complain about the achy-breakies from dust-bustering the cat-hair-matted rug because the vacuum is on the fritz (Read: D.E.A.D.).  Then Buzzzzzzzz.  UPS man.  The books for my poetry feature are here!  I didn’t have money to buy a final copy for months, thus only had the glossy sample from November.

This is the first time I’ve seen the matte covers.  They are beautiful!  Now if 6 people buy a $10 copy at my feature at Stone Soup Poetry, 106 Prospect St., Cambridge, MA a week from today (hint, hint) I can pay two bills I ignored to buy my own books.  Hey, when we say we’re starving artists, it’s no exaggeration!  8-)

Look out, Cambridge, here I come!!!


Feb. 15, 2014

I forgot my Feb. post.  What’s to say?  The pinched nerve in my back recovery and the chronic neck strains are better than one might expect in winter, so maybe I can get back to semi-regular walking (still dodging snowstorms here in New England :-) ).  At least I’ve gotten in some typing, edits on the memoir -so it might be done in March.  In general I have problems if I sit at a table instead of lying on 4 pillows to type.  Typing lying down doesn’t work!  Frustrating as heck.


1.  Somehow I’ve managed to squeeze out two of my goal three books so I can publish in 3 genres in 12 months to celebrate the big 5-0!   Instead of re-posting everything, here it is on HCP:

2.  I have a feature of the poetry on March 10, 2014. 8-10pm Stone Soup.  $5 cover.  My book will be $10 (if I have any left by 9pm, usual feature time).  And I’m doing a radio show in spring.  Perhaps the memoir will be out then too.

I’m feeling pretty good about 2013, my year of prose and transitioning to more Publishing, behind-the-scenes work.  But I’m psyched to read.  I haven’t read at all since August, haven’t featured since May?  June?

I’m 50!!!

I’m 50 today, and I spent the day indulging all my peculiar little birthday traditions:
~I sat up til midnight to welcome my new year of life.

~I had Mexican food, including the mandatory frosted strawberry margarita.

~Then I took down the Christmas decorations.

~And despite doing laundry and changing my bed to ladybug summer sheets because they make me inexplicably happy (hey, don’t judge), I didn’t do a lick of brain work, so that’s enough lazing off to count.

~So tomorrow it’s going to be freezing.  Maybe I’ll go to the gym.  maybe I’ll write.  Maybe I’ll stay in and drink the dark hot cocoa that my friend Brian sent me from Chicago.  With hancrafted square marshamallows.  hey, I finished a dang novella the other day.  If I do nothing else this month, I don’t even care.

~Oh, except I forgot:  Tell-Tale Inklings for the broadsheet.  Yeah, I like that.

January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

I joined a gym as a 50th birthday present to myself.  No, I can’t afford $10 per month, but I’m trying to keep my neck and back in shape to avoid months of physical therapy (which will cost more than $120 now that I’ve maxed out my insurance).

What else is going on? 
* Reached poem #68 of the Moby-Dick “found book” tribute – the halfway mark.
* Finished editing the hard copy of Proof #1 of my first novella A Concrete Wish: a modern fable (Tell-Tale Chapbooks, 2014).  I have to bite the bullet to type the edits for Proof #2 (a real neckache/backache just waiting to happen).

*The colon broke on my Netbook, so it’s really hard to make smiley faces.  :-D

*U.M.Ph.! Prose is closed, but I’m currently brainstorming with an ex-publishing dude on starting a narrative poetry and flash fiction broadsheet alongside my new book imprint, Tell-Tale Chapbooks.  The unrestricted topic should make it easier to get a higher volume of quality submissions.

Tell-Tale Broadsheet?  Tell-Tale Imprints?


The long -awaited (well, I was on the edge of my seat anyhow) second volume of poems from Book II of my autobiographical trilogy has been published.  Many thanks to Marian Kent of ALL CAPS Publishing!

What Good's a View of the Charles...?: poems of tribute, volume two: Mignon Ariel King: 9780615896090: Books

What Good's a View of the Charles…?: poems of tribute, volume two: Mignon Ariel King: 9780615896090: Books

Buy from Amazon

Cover image by Hans Engelman (Dutch, 1981).  Thank you very much to his daughter for letting me use it!  Engelman began painting Black nudes in the ’60s, so there’s no telling when this beautiful sister actually posed for the first sketches and paintings vs. when the artist finished and signed it.

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